How to install themes and plug-ins on wordpress

I had already covered how to install themes and plug-ins in the previous post Getting started with wordpress. But if you missed it, you can learn how to install themes and plug-ins on wordpress from the guidelines below. I thought that creating a dedicated post on the topic would make it easier for users who […]

How to create a compelling homepage.

Your homepage is the first impression of your website and it is the page that makes most of your visitors decide to either stay or leave. The average amount of time that a person browses your website is 10 seconds. So you only have 10 seconds to impress and captivate your visitor’s attention. That’s why […]

How to set up a wordpress home page

  A home page or a front page is the primary page that shows up first when someone goes to your website. An example of a home page is home page. Let’s see how we can set up a wordpress home page and what are the options we have. If you haven’t installed wordpress yet, […]

How to post on wordpress

In the last post, Getting started with wordpress, you had installed a wordpress theme and some basic plugins. Now let’s see how to post on wordpress. There are two ways to create a post. You can either post as a static page or as a blog post. Static pages are standalone pages which are fixed. An […]

Getting started with wordpress.

You learnt how to install wordpress in the last post. In this post, I’ll guide you through getting started with wordpress. The first thing you are going to do is install a wordpress theme and some basic plugins. How to install wordpress themes There are lots of free and paid wordpress themes and plugins available. You […]

How to install wordpress.

  Ok. So you want to install wordpress. Good decision :). Let’s see how to install wordpress to start building your website. It’s easy. We are going to be using cPanel for this installation process. It’s the most popular and easy to use control panel for managing servers and websites. cPanel is already included when […]

What is wordpress.

WordPress is the most widely used and a free open source website creation tool. It is used to create high quality websites. You don’t need to code to create a website with wordpress. It is the most easy to use Content Management System. But if you are a coder and would like to tweak things, you […]