Starting a website

starting a website with wordpress

starting a website

Have you been wanting to create your own website but don’t know how to do it? Do not worry. You can find all the tutorials in this website.

In this post you will learn about starting a website and what you need.

Having your own website has become an integral part of many businesses and hobbyists. It helps you to give out all the required information your customers need about your business. This can help to reduce a lot of manual work, time and money. It also helps you to create specific actions required from customers and visitors like subscribing to your website, filling up and submitting forms, contacting through email, taking part in community discussions through comments and forums, etc. A website also helps you to promote your business and reach more audience greatly. You can promote your website through social medias, bulk email all your subscribers about new updates, etc. You can even encourage your visitors to share your website or it’s contents to their social media accounts by giving them some incentives.

These are only a few advantages. There are lots of other things you can do with a website. You can even sell your products or services on your website.

So let’s see how to start a website.

What you need before starting a website

There are a few things you’ll need to care of before starting a website.

  1. Web hosting. A web hosting service provider stores all your website files in servers and provides you bandwith, softwares and other stuffs. The web hosting provider serves your website’s content to all the requests from around the world. Web hosting is necessary to put up your website online.
  2. Domain Name. A domain name is the address of your website. It is the address that you enter into your browser’s address bar to go to a particular website. Like for example. You should choose a name that relates to your niche.
  3. SSL Certificate. This is not necessary but it can help you to protect your visitors information sent on the internet by encrypting the information. Like when your visitor pays you with credit card or other methods, you do not want to expose their information to possible vulnerabilities. If you install SSL Certificate, your visitors information sent is encrypted so that others cannot know what is being sent. SSL Certificates will put green https in front of your domain name indicating that your website is protected. Like you see the domain name for There is a green https at the beginning. There are different levels of SSL Certificates. You can check them out here. It is also known to improve your website’s trust among your visitors.
  4. cPanel. cPanel is a control panel from where you can manage your server and all your websites. It comes with lots of features and softwares included like softaculous which allows you to install shopping carts, forums, etc very easily with just one click. It has plenty of other apps like email forwarders, auto responders and many more.  cPanel is included with all of our shared hosting packages.
  5. WordPress. WordPress is a content management system which helps you to create a website very easily without any coding experience. You can manage everything from a simple dashboard. Even hostbarrack is built with wordpress. The reason I recommend wordpress is because it is easy to use and anyone can learn to use it. And it is free to use!   You may hire your own designer if you want to. It’s up to you.  You can read more about wordpress here and how to install wordpress here.
  6. WordPress themesWordPress themes are ready made website themes you can use to build your website with wordpress. You just install a theme and then configure it from your dashboard to make your website look how you want it to. You can change colors, styles, back-ground images, logos, etc. It’s simple to use.
  7. WordPress plug-insWordPress plug-ins are mini apps that can be used to add lots of functionalities to your website like music player, subscription form, social sharing buttons, etc.

So these are the necessary things you’ll need before starting a website.

After you have purchased a web hosting service and a domain name, you’ll need to point the nameserver to the correct DNS. Follow the guidelines below to do that. It’s quite simple.

Setting up nameservers

  1. To point the nameserver to the correct DNS, you’ll need to go to your provider’s client portal and log in. If you are using hostbarrack, you can log-in to your client portal here. After logging in, go to “my domains”. You’ll see a list of all your domains. Choose a domain and you’ll be taken to a new page. In the page, scroll down and you’ll see “nameservers”. Under it, you can choose the default nameservers or choose custom nameservers. Default nameservers are already set up for you. But if you need to use custom nameservers, you need to select it and enter your own custom nameservers. Then click save.

That’s it.

By Millo Lailang

I am a PHP/MySQL and wordpress developer and I write about it and other general webmaster and blogging tips on my blog I also give free guitar lessons at

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