How to create a compelling homepage.

how to create a compelling homepage

how to create a compelling homepage

Your homepage is the first impression of your website and it is the page that makes most of your visitors decide to either stay or leave. The average amount of time that a person browses your website is 10 seconds. So you only have 10 seconds to impress and captivate your visitor’s attention. That’s why it is so important to create a compelling homepage.

Read below to find out how you can make the best out of your wordpress homepage. We will be using a static homepage and not a blog page. Though a blog roll homepage will just show your blog posts and you cannot change much about the page, some of the tips below can still be applied.

If you don’t know about a static homepage or a blog homepage and how to set them up in wordpress, you might want to read about it here.

So, let’s see how we can create a compelling homepage.

Tips to create a compelling homepage

  1. Your homepage should be the main hub that links to all your other important pages and contents. Keep it simple and easy for your visitors to navigate.
  2. Put a slider. It makes your website look more high-end. Since you can add multiple slides in your slider, you can showcase more than one of your pages or services. You can use your creativity to design beautiful slides. All you need is a photo editing software like adobe photoshop to design your pictures. Add your messages in the pictures and upload them to your wordpress slider. Some themes come readymade with sliders but if your theme does not have a slider, you can use plug-ins. One good slider plug-in is Sololiquy. Some themes that have built in sliders are:
  3. Use an opt-in form. Offer a free product or service that could be of great value to your visitors. Create an attractive image presentation of it with a compelling message. Put this up somewhere in the sidebar of your homepage in a prominent place. Make this offer such that if your visitor wants the freebie, he would have to sign up to your newsletter . Once you have a big list of sign ups, you can use it to build relationships, send post updates to get more returning visitors. Optin Revolution is a great plugin to use for creating optin forms. You can learn more about email marketing here.
  4. Showcase some of your latest posts or your most popular posts in your homepage below the slider. Most of the wordpress themes will allow you to do that.
  5. Give a brief info about your product or service. Outline the main points about your product or service in the homepage and then add a link to find more information in a different page. You may put this in your slider too.
  6. Use a social media sharing plug-in like (plug-in link) to showcase how much total shares your website has in social medias. If you have a large amount of shares, your visitors will be impressed and like your website more. That’s a psychological effect on human brains. Some useful plugins that can help you do this job are :
    • Floating Social Bar (Free)
    • Shareaholic (Free)
    • Monarch (Paid) For yearly $89 you get access to all the plugins including monarch and the 87 themes at elegantthemes. For $249 you get lifetime access to all plugins and themes.
  7. Use a plug-in like social media widget to add your social media profiles so that your visitors can like or follow your social media accounts. If you don’t have a social media profile, create one. It’s a great way to promote your website. But remember to keep your social media accounts active. A dead social media account is as good as nothing. You can find lots of social media tips at Social media widgets of help :
  8. Colors have a great effect on the psychology of people’s minds. Use it to your advantage. Beautiful colors combined with great content can greatly impress your visitors and attract a lot of attention and loyal fans to your website. Mix and match the right combination of colors to make your homepage attractive and inviting to your visitors. You can check out adobe color wheel to see what colors match with each other.
  9. Get some honest reviews from your visitors or customers. Then select a few positive ones and put it up on your homepage. This will increase your website’s trust which will lead to more fans and subscribers.
  10. Make your footer area attractive and useful. Use the footer area to provide necessary links to other pages like “contact-us” page, products and services page, partner links page  (You may also show your top partners’s links in the footer), about-us page, privacy policy page, affiliates page, etc. Also add social media buttons in the footer area. And if you use SSL, you can also put the SSL security badge in your footer.
  11. Finally add a copyright below the footer. It makes your website look more professional.

So that’s how you can create a compelling homepage. You can always use your own creativity to create a compelling homepage that would be unique to your website. And that is what I encourage you to do.

Always remember that you also need to continuosly add great contents. Always post useful or entertaining contents because that’s the main ingredient of your website. If your content is crap, no one is going to care about your design or whatever. Your visitors might get a very good first impression and might find your website very pleasing and attractive. But they will soon find out that your website is of no use to them if your contents are of no good. Content is King!! And who is the Queen? I don’t know. It’s for your imagination. You may even try to find out who the pawns are 🙂

If you have some more ideas, you may share it with all of us in the comments box below. That could help a lot of other readers too. Thank you for reading.

By Millo Lailang

I am a PHP/MySQL and wordpress developer and I write about it and other general webmaster and blogging tips on my blog I also give free guitar lessons at

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